Day 18

So this is the park across the lake from me (it’s a very small park):


This is the outdoor vent of the air conditioner that stops me from killing myself during February:


This is a very lonely chew toy:


Indy treasures his chew toys, Jazz destroys them.  And when she’s done with hers, she moves on to his.  She’ll usually chew off the face or a leg when Indy has annoyed her, but she refrains from destroying it completely.  Apparently she’s not that heartless.

This is a bleeding heart:


They don’t really look pretty until you see them up close.  I used to obsessed with their curling tendrils.


January 19, 2009. Tags: , , , . Uncategorized.


  1. Alex replied:

    Our bleeding hearts look so differently!!! I will have to snap a photo of them when they bloom.

  2. ashj88 replied:

    I’d love to see a shot, I get oddly excited about little differences like that.

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