Day 23

So after our night touring Southbank, I woke up and realised I’d matched my t-shirt to the wallpaper.  Most people wouldn’t notice this, to me this prompted a photo shoot?


This is what I look like in the fifteen minutes after waking.


When I got home I found Jazz committing a pretty major crime.  Not only did she have a bone inside the house, she had it on a bed and – wait for it – was trying to bury it in the mattress!  The dogs hate the camera so I pointed it at her as some kind of punishment.  It didn’t work.


I then noticed that the people across the lake still have their outdoor Christmas lights on.   It’s almost Australia Day!


Yeah, I need a tripod.  I took this shot and was like, “OMG, accidental bokeh!”


On closer inspection it was just accidental fail.


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