Burleigh on a not so sunny Thursday…

Burleigh is one of my favourite beaches, and also one of the more popular surfing beaches.  I love to perch myself on the grass that juts up above the rocks and look out to Broadbeach and Surfers.  Even on a not so perfect day, it’s all very pretty to look at.


Quick lesson in Gold Coast geography: the large, blue, pointy building is the Q1, it’s the highest residential tower in the world or something.  Whatever, it’s big, and it’s actually how I navigate around this end of the Gold Coast, haha.  North of the Q1 (right of the picture) is Surfers Paradise, then Main Beach, etc.  South of the Q1 (left) is Broadbeach, Mermaid Beach, Nobby’s, Miami, Burleigh, in that order.  It’s an unofficial divider between Surfers and Broadbeach.  Very helpful when you’re last and can’t work out north vs. south!


Most Gold Coast beaches have a rather significant population of seagulls, but Burleigh’s population seems particularly massive.  I think it’s because so many families picnic there and feed the little bastards.  I really kind of hate them.  Sure, they look innocent enough when you see them like this, all coy with their face hidden…


But look at those pissed off, disdainful eyes.  I imagine that if they could talk, they’d sound like a disgruntled English butler.


And most of them don’t even have reason to look pissy.  Except maybe that seagull in the right of the frame who is missing a leg.  It’s not uncommon, only a side effect of every other species hating them.  Don’t feel too sorry for it, they eat baby turtles, you know!




While I’ve still got your attention, I’d also like to point out the rather gnarly rocks lurking beneath (and above) the water at Burleigh.


They seem to be of little consequence, until you notice the surfers throwing themselves off the rocks and into the water.  Seriously, this is why I’ve never mastered surfing – I don’t think people should get in the way when waves and rocks collide.


But here’s the thing.  I sit there feeling all terrified someone is going to kill themselves, fully convinced one would have to be a moron to engage in such activities.  Honestly people! Rocks! Water! Ouchy!


But if I sit there long enough, I start to forget about all that.  It looks really fun.  I start to get all jealous of the people out there…



Even the little kids are doing it!


But mostly it’s the big kids.



Sometimes it gets pretty crowded out there.  When you get three people on a wave, at least one person has to stack it…


Even worse is when you get a kayaker and a surfer on the same wave going in oppposite directions…


Yeah, ouch.


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