Day 19

So my best friend bought me a totally bad ass elephant for Christmas.


It’s an awesome present because I went to Bali when I was 15 and bought her a collection of miniature stone elephants.  Plus, as anyone who has seen The Castle knows, an elephant with its trunk up is totally good luck.


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Day 18

So this is the park across the lake from me (it’s a very small park):


This is the outdoor vent of the air conditioner that stops me from killing myself during February:


This is a very lonely chew toy:


Indy treasures his chew toys, Jazz destroys them.  And when she’s done with hers, she moves on to his.  She’ll usually chew off the face or a leg when Indy has annoyed her, but she refrains from destroying it completely.  Apparently she’s not that heartless.

This is a bleeding heart:


They don’t really look pretty until you see them up close.  I used to obsessed with their curling tendrils.

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Day 17

I figured I should post some legitimitely gloomy imagery so that people don’t think the weather is perfect here 24/7.


Apparently the gloominess wasn’t enough to deter some very keen iron man wannabes though!


And yes I did feel like a huge pervert taking that shot.  Thanks for asking!

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Day 16

This is what happens when you don’t make an effort.


Yeah, uber thick minestrone is not the sexiest subject.  Especially when it’s shot late in the evening with no natural light.

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Day 15

I didn’t see anything pretty so I photographed myself.


It’s not a great shot in the sense it’s not very flattering and I don’t look particularly beautiful, but I guess I liked the ‘warts and all’ quality?  Was feeling very tired and worn out, and I kind of like the look of it.

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Day 14

Wow I’ve been late at uploading these. Oh well, better late than never. I haven’t missed a day of photos yet, I’m quite proud.


I think this attempt at photographing the moon was much more successful than my last!

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Day 13

Pat and I took a trip to Uki so he could write a review on the Ecoasis for his paper.  Having driven through Uki and northern NSW before, I was not thrilled at the prospect.


As I expected there was a lot of sugar cane.


No, really, lots of sugar cane.  So much of it that I became excited when something slightly different, like railroad tracks became visible (that’s what the black object is).


I occupied myself by testing the limits of my shutter speed, taking unfocussed and rather boring shots of the sugar cane as we shot down the highway at 110km/h.  Cows, excitement!  Perhaps I should have titled this, “Sugar Cane: A Study.”


Just as dusk fell, we arrived at the Ecoasis.  We were staying in the Morning Mist Chalet.



The resort is located in lush rainforest surrounds, with stunning views of Mt. Warning.



Our two-storey chalet was simply stunning.



Yes, we had this all to ourselves!




The world’s comfiest couch.


The kitchen!



The kitchen was seriously well-stocked.


Check out the brekky hamper:


We headed downstairs and found the most amazing bathroom ever.



In addition to boasting Dorf fixtures and an epic bath tub, it was stocked with MOR bath and body products (making for the bubbliest bubble bath I’ve ever had) and Aveda haircare.


The bedroom reminded me of a castle.  The bed itself was so comfy and I had a really good sleep (exciting, I know).




Instead of a mint on the pillow, we got a cute little watermelon soap.


Perhaps the piece de resistance for me was the coccoon swing chair – I don’t know why but I’ve always been obsessed with them?


It was a great way to enjoy the views of Mt. Warning.



Fun with lens flare!


I really wish we’d gotten to stay longer than a night.  The resort has a pool and nature walks and yeah… Much fun to be had.  Although I did feel amazingly refreshed after the short stay, it was as though I’d had a complete holiday.  It was great.


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Day 12

I promise there will be no sunsets today…


Because I have some TOTALLY AWESOME midday sky instead!


Oh, and there has to be a dog photo.  I can’t help it.  She just looks so silly with her tongue like that!


And a new entry for this blog – water fowl!  I’m branching into aquatic birds now, hope that excites you.


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Day 11

Another day, another sunset it would seem…


I really didn’t think it would be anything spectacular today.  But having tried to capture ducks and swans all day (and failing!  Where have they gone?) I figured there would at least be a touch of pink to see. But as it progressed, it turned out to be pretty.  Very pretty!


And look – swans!




Look how stripey it was!


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Day 10

So it got to 8.30pm and I realised I hadn’t taken a photo all day.  Dinner was ugly, the dogs were camera shy and no one in my family wanted to be photographed.  Did I mentioned it was 8.30pm?!  Well, it was a full moon, so naturally I thought I would photograph it.  Not to mention there was a pretty cloud cover.  But, being in a half-assed sort of mood, I just thought, “Cool, I’ll put it on landscape mode and all will be well.”  It wasn’t.  I tried night mode.  Also not good.  Of course, I didn’t realise this until I uploaded the photos later.  So long story short, laziness comes at a cost.  There is an excellent tutorial on moon photography here, but I was too lazy to follow it.  So I present you with the only salvagable shot of the night:


Which really wasn’t that decent at all.  Le sigh.

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