Day 16

This is what happens when you don’t make an effort.


Yeah, uber thick minestrone is not the sexiest subject.  Especially when it’s shot late in the evening with no natural light.


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Day 10

So it got to 8.30pm and I realised I hadn’t taken a photo all day.  Dinner was ugly, the dogs were camera shy and no one in my family wanted to be photographed.  Did I mentioned it was 8.30pm?!  Well, it was a full moon, so naturally I thought I would photograph it.  Not to mention there was a pretty cloud cover.  But, being in a half-assed sort of mood, I just thought, “Cool, I’ll put it on landscape mode and all will be well.”  It wasn’t.  I tried night mode.  Also not good.  Of course, I didn’t realise this until I uploaded the photos later.  So long story short, laziness comes at a cost.  There is an excellent tutorial on moon photography here, but I was too lazy to follow it.  So I present you with the only salvagable shot of the night:


Which really wasn’t that decent at all.  Le sigh.

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Day 7

I have to stop shooting in the afternoon!


 The peace lilly that lives outside our front door.


Our young “pup”, Jazz.  Like Indy, she’s a blue heeler staffy cross.


I’m in love with her eye patch!


And how she has tiny white eyelashes on one eye.


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Day 6

Today I tried to photograph my dinner, but I don’t really understand how this light business works so the result was better than the lentil soup but still off.   Doesn’t help that cous cous is not photogenic!


So then I tried to photograph Indy, who was all “hellz to tha no” about that suggestion:


But he came around eventually!


“Hugs plz!”

Still wish I had better light (and had a better idea of how to use it) but it’s something.

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Day 2

Two words: MONSTER TRUCKS!!!  I’ve never been to any kind of car show or what have you, so this was a new experience for me.  And it was awesome!  I was fully prepared to get my bogan on, but was surprised to find that mostly families attended.  There were mohawks and rats’ tails aplenty, but it wasn’t too bad I have to say.  Aside from the numb bum it was a lot of fun (and that sort of rhymes…).  Highlights included a huge flat tyre on Batman, and watching another truck (Outback Thunda?) have its real axel snapped.  Good times!

The trucks all lined up in a row:


The crowd (well, half of it):


PS3 Pacific Rift:


…Something or Other:




Outback Thunda:


The jet truck (while it was getting geared up):


All systems go!


Pretty sunset (I can’t help myself):





The dump and burn, turning some poor old Mitsubishi into molten lava:


Tonight was really challenging!  While the fireworks and the dump and burn were easy thanks to my camera’s presets, capturing the trucks in motion was hugely difficult, particularly as the sun went down.  Focussing was a real challenge, as was getting the shutter speed sorted.  Plus I couldn’t work the light out, as the grass was lit was stadium lights but everywhere else was pitch black.  Oh well, practise makes perfect I guess…

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